All you need to know about commercial soap dispensers

Enhance your bathroom with Stern's state-of-the-art touchless and automatic soap and foam dispensers. Combining style and practicality, our dispensers offer design versatility and effortless installation. Ideal for commercial and public bathrooms, they ensure hygiene and durability. Explore various installation options, including complementary touchless faucets and hand dryers, to create a seamless and contemporary touchless hand-washing zone. Stern's soap and foam dispensers deliver an all-in-one solution trusted by customers worldwide, providing easy maintenance and convenience.
All you need to know about commercial soap dispensers | All you need to know about commercial soap dispensers

Are automatic commercial soap dispensers a worthy solution?

Automatic commercial soap dispensers present a valuable solution for multiple reasons. Firstly, their touchless and automatic operation ensures convenience and hygiene. By eliminating the need to touch the dispenser, the risk of germ transmission is reduced, making them ideal for high-traffic public restrooms.

Secondly, Stern’s soap dispensers are not only visually appealing but also highly functional. Their design seamlessly blends aesthetics with practicality, elevating the restroom’s overall ambiance. Moreover, their robust construction and adaptability allow for easy mounting on different wall or deck surfaces, providing clients with enhanced design flexibility.

Thirdly, Stern offers various installation options, including matching touchless faucets and hand dryers. This cohesive setup creates a unified touchless hand-washing area, promoting better hygiene and minimizing the spread of germs.

Furthermore, Stern’s dispensers are designed to be an all-in-one solution for customers worldwide, prioritizing simple installation and maintenance. This user-friendly approach means minimal effort and cost for setup and upkeep, ultimately saving time and expenses in the long term.

In conclusion, automatic commercial soap dispensers serve as a valuable choice for businesses and public spaces seeking improved hygiene and convenience while maintaining a stylish and unified aesthetic. Stern’s soap dispensers, with their practicality, adaptability, and easy maintenance, stand as an excellent option for diverse settings.

Before we dive into the world of soap dispenser

Discover the top-performing soap dispensers as per Stern’s valued customers’ preferences. Stern takes cues from its clients to determine the deserving recipients of the “Best Selling” title. With an extensive selection of soap dispensers and foam dispensers suitable for various installations—wall-mounted or deck-mounted, available individually or paired with a faucet, and even offered as part of a trio set with a hand dryer—Stern ensures a diverse range of options to meet different client requirements.

If you’re keen on exploring popular soap dispensers, Stern offers two distinct product groups: “Most Liked” and “Commercial.” The “Most Liked” category comprises dispensers that have garnered the highest praise and positive feedback from customers, signifying their satisfaction with the product’s design and functionality. On the other hand, the “Commercial” category showcases dispensers tailored for use in public restrooms, where sturdiness and durability are paramount to withstand heavy usage. By providing these two product groups, Stern endeavors to cater to a wider clientele, tailoring solutions to their specific needs.

The concealed soap dispenser experience

In recent years, concealed soap dispensers have surged in popularity, offering a sleek and modern touch to bathroom spaces. Embracing a concealed soap dispenser comes with numerous benefits that significantly impact the overall ambiance of the bathroom.

The most prominent advantage of a concealed soap dispenser lies in its appearance. Tucked away from sight, typically behind a mirror, it lends a streamlined and uncluttered feel to the bathroom. A clutter-free environment is more inviting, making users feel comfortable and at ease.

A touchless operation is another key benefit of a concealed soap dispenser. Unlike traditional dispensers that require physical contact to release soap, touchless dispensers are the perfect fit for public restrooms. Minimizing surface contact reduces the spread of germs and bacteria, fostering a more hygienic environment.

Pairing a concealed soap dispenser with matching faucets and hand dryers creates a cohesive and visually appealing bathroom design. Employing an IR sensor to activate all three elements offers a truly touchless and hygienic bathroom experience that embodies both functionality and style. Upgrade your bathroom with the sophistication of concealed soap dispensers, elevating its aesthetic appeal and ensuring a more hygienic environment for all.

The Concealed Soap Dispenser Experience​ - Girl-using-SWAR

When it comes to the specifics of concealed soap dispensers hidden behind mirrors, there’s a wide array of options in the market, and Stern stands out with its diverse range of soap and foam dispensers. These cutting-edge solutions can be seamlessly concealed behind mirrors, walls, or decks, offering a modern touch to any bathroom. Pairing them with matching touchless faucets and hand dryers creates a cohesive and functional touchless hand-washing area.

One remarkable advantage of behind-mirror soap dispensers is their space-saving design. Unlike traditional dispensers that occupy valuable countertop space, these concealed options optimize bathroom space, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms seeking to maximize their available area.

Enhanced accessibility is another key benefit of behind-mirror soap dispensers. Positioned at eye level, they are easier to reach for everyone, including those with mobility issues, providing convenience to all users.

Installation and maintenance are hassle-free with behind-mirror soap dispensers. Stern’s range offers flexibility in design, as they can be mounted on various wall or deck types. Their robust construction ensures durability and reduces maintenance requirements.

Hygiene is significantly improved with touchless behind-mirror soap dispensers. Eliminating the need for physical contact, users avoid touching surfaces, thereby reducing the risk of germ transmission. This is especially crucial in high-traffic public restrooms.

In conclusion, concealed soap dispensers provide numerous benefits for those seeking a modern and hygienic bathroom. When combined with matching touchless faucets and hand dryers, they create a unified and streamlined appearance that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The touchless activation through an IR sensor enhances bathroom hygiene, making it a smart and attractive choice. With an extensive selection available, concealed soap dispensers are perfect for optimizing bathroom space and crafting a contemporary and inviting atmosphere.

What is a commercial foam soap dispenser?

Discover the convenience and efficiency of commercial foam soap dispensers, perfect for hospitals, schools, restaurants, and offices. Designed to promote effective hand hygiene while reducing soap consumption, these dispensers blend air with the liquid soap, creating a luxurious, creamy lather that encourages frequent hand washing.

There are two main types of commercial soap dispensers: standard and automatic. Standard dispensers require manual pressing to dispense soap, while automatic ones feature touch-free activation, preventing the spread of germs. In the case of foam dispensers, the key difference lies in the valve controlling the air and soap mixture, resulting in the visually appealing lather.

Automatic foam soap dispensers stand out as a practical and hygienic choice, releasing pre-measured amounts of foam without physical contact. They help save on soap costs and reduce waste due to their precise dispensing. Moreover, the foamy texture makes handwashing quicker and more efficient, a crucial factor in busy commercial environments.

In conclusion, commercial foam soap dispensers offer a hygienic and cost-effective solution for maintaining proper hand hygiene in various settings. Their touch-free operation and visually appealing lather make them a preferred choice for businesses seeking efficient and user-friendly handwashing solutions. Choose the dispenser that suits your needs best and elevate the cleanliness of your commercial space with ease.

Are automatic commercial soap dispensers more sanitary?

The hygiene benefits of automatic commercial soap dispensers are evident, though the answer is not black and white. Generally, touchless automatic soap dispensers are considered more hygienic compared to manual ones. By eliminating the need for physical contact, they reduce the risk of spreading germs and bacteria.

The key advantage lies in their touchless operation. Users no longer have to touch the dispenser, preventing cross-contamination. Manual dispensers, on the other hand, require touching the pump or lever, potentially transferring germs to the dispenser and other users. Touchless dispensers use motion sensors or buttons for soap dispensing, ensuring a hygienic experience.

Automatic dispensers are ideal for maintaining clean and hygienic bathroom and kitchen areas, especially in high-traffic settings. By minimizing cross-contamination, they help prevent the spread of germs. Additionally, they offer convenience, eliminating the need to touch potentially contaminated surfaces to access soap.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that automatic soap dispensers cannot entirely prevent germ spread. Users may still come into contact with germs on other surfaces. Hence, regular cleaning and sanitation practices remain essential, alongside touchless dispensers.

In summary, automatic commercial soap dispensers are generally considered more sanitary due to their touchless operation, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. They play a significant role in maintaining cleanliness, especially in busy areas. Nevertheless, a comprehensive hygiene protocol, including regular cleaning, is vital to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

What is the best automatic commercial foam soap dispenser?

Looking for the perfect commercial foam soap dispenser? With a wide variety of options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. However, understanding the differences in mounting formats can help you make an informed decision. Keep reading to discover which type of foam soap dispenser is best suited for your specific requirements. See Stern’s Youtube channel for technical information or contact us.

What kind of commercial soap dispenser suits your needs?

In a previous discussion, we explored three types of touch-free automatic electronic soap dispensers: deck-mounted, wall-mounted, and behind-mirror. When considering the visible options (deck-mounted and wall-mounted), both functionality and appearance come into play. 

Our focus has been on offering a diverse range of choices, including various materials and finishes. Among them, chrome-plated bodies have proven to be the most popular. 

Some models even come equipped with a low-battery indicator, enhancing their functionality. To make the perfect choice for your commercial bathroom, carefully consider which design complements your bathroom’s overall aesthetics and style.

How expensive is a commercial soap dispenser?

In the realm of commercial soap dispensers, prices can vary based on the model and type you opt for. Basic non-automatic soap dispensers made of inexpensive plastic may be available for as low as $10, but they tend to have a short lifespan and are often found in older public restrooms with soap residue accumulating on their nozzles. These dispensers are not recommended for commercial settings.

In contrast, automatic soap dispensers start at approximately $100 and offer greater hygiene and convenience. They boast a longer lifespan and require less maintenance. The average price for a reliable automatic touch-free soap dispenser is around $250-300. Although this might appear to be a higher initial cost, it can result in long-term savings by reducing soap and cleaning expenses.

When deciding on the right commercial soap dispenser, crucial factors to consider include hygiene, durability, ease of maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. Opting for a higher-quality dispenser may entail a higher upfront cost but will prove beneficial in the long run.

With this knowledge, you can now make a more informed and prudent decision for your business.

Control your touch-free commercial foam soap dispenser

In maintaining a hygienic environment in commercial and high-traffic bathrooms, the integration of touch-free solutions for hand washing is crucial. Alongside touch-free foam soap dispensers, incorporating intelligent touch-free hand dryers can further enhance hygiene levels.

Intelligent touch-free foam soap dispensers play a pivotal role in managing and controlling soap consumption over time, resulting in cost savings and reduced waste. With automatic functions, these dispensers can be easily tailored to suit your specific requirements using the Stern remote control.

The Stern remote control empowers you to operate essential functions, including customizing the amount of soap dispensed, refilling the soap tank, temporarily shutting down the dispenser for maintenance, and resetting it to its factory settings. This level of control ensures that the dispenser operates optimally, meeting the unique demands of your environment.

By seamlessly integrating touch-free foam soap dispensers and utilizing the Stern remote control for effective soap management, you can establish a highly hygienic and cost-effective hand washing area in your commercial or high-traffic bathroom.

Leverage the Stern remote control for easy operation of the following functions:

  • Soap quantity selection
  • Refilling the soap tank
  • Temporary shutdown (for maintenance purposes)
  • Resetting to factory settings

What is the best commercial foam soap dispenser?

When searching for the ideal foam soap dispenser to suit your requirements, it’s essential to consider various factors. The market offers three primary types of foam soap dispensers: wall-mounted, deck-mounted, and behind-the-mirror options, each with distinct advantages suitable for diverse settings.

For commercial applications, opting for an automatic, sensor-based model is recommended. These dispensers provide unmatched convenience and contribute to a hygienic environment by offering touch-free operation, limiting the spread of germs.

Moreover, automatic foam soap dispensers incorporate intelligent features that facilitate soap management and control over time. With adjustable soap quantity selection and the ability to refill the soap tank, you can tailor the dispenser to match your environment’s demands. The Stern remote control allows temporary shutdown for maintenance purposes and easy resetting to factory settings.

In conclusion, the best foam soap dispenser for you hinges on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require a wall-mounted, deck-mounted, or behind-the-mirror dispenser, or a commercial automatic foam soap dispenser, the market provides a wide array of options. By considering factors such as functionality, durability, and cost-effectiveness, you can confidently choose a foam soap dispenser that perfectly suits your needs.

Explore Stern’s impressive collection of automatic foam soap dispensers today.

What is the best commercial soap dispenser?

When in search of a soap dispenser for your commercial or public bathroom project, selecting the right one that perfectly aligns with your needs and requirements is crucial. The market offers a variety of soap dispensers, including wall-mounted, deck-mounted, and behind-the-mirror options, each boasting unique advantages and adaptability to diverse settings.

Among the top choices for commercial settings are automatic soap dispensers. These intelligent, sensor-based dispensers are purpose-built to thrive in demanding, high-traffic locations worldwide. Their touch-free operation contributes to a hygienic environment by minimizing the spread of germs, making them an ideal choice for any setting.

Not only are commercial soap dispensers functional and user-friendly, but they also come in an extensive range of colors and finishes, enabling you to tailor the dispenser to your specific design preferences. Many dispensers are crafted with sustainability in mind, making them an eco-friendly option for your commercial project. From sleek stainless steel to polished chrome, a plethora of options awaits to help you discover the perfect dispenser for your unique needs.

Ultimately, the best commercial soap dispenser is the one that caters to your specific demands and requirements. By carefully considering factors such as functionality, durability, design aesthetics, and sustainability, you can confidently make an informed decision and select a soap dispenser that promises long-lasting and dependable service for your commercial or public bathroom project.

Discover some of Stern’s most reviewed commercial soap dispensers today, and find the perfect fit for your project’s success:

Stern’s Trendy series of high-quality touch-free soap dispensers. Smart, effective and durable soap dispensers to handle the level of wear common in any commercial washroom for a cheaper, cleaner, more effective way for a germ free environment.

Stern’s Smart commercial soap dispensers series of high-quality touchless soap dispensers. The smart soap dispensers are electronic, sensor-activated, touch-free automatic soap dispensers including tall version for  countertop washbasins  and a smart commercial Soap Dispenser model with soap level indicator. 

The elite commercial soap dispensers series is one of the most installed soap dispenser and soap dispenser and faucet duo. The elite soap dispensers are  automatic, sensor-activated and touchless soap dispensers including tall version for countertop washbasins, stainless steel AISI316 version  with other finishes available, elite commercial soap dispenser model with soap level indicator and elite multifeed soap dispensers system. 

SWAR - Soap, Water & Air Revolution

Stern’s most modern, sleek and robust commercial soap dispenser. The soap dispenser, as the faucet and hand dryer can be concealed in a lockable cabinet and installed behind a mirror. The SWAR system is a complete sanitary solution for hand washing in commercial and public bathrooms. 

Stern’s touchless tap, soap dispenser and high-speed hand dryer or paper dispenser behind a mirror at a lockable cabinet.

How the SWAR and other hand washing cabinets such as SWA, SA, Soap Water and Air module and more. 

Stern’s SOAP WATER AIR MODULE is a modular touch-free system that includes an IR-operated faucet, thermostatic mixing valve, soap or foam dispenser and hand dryer or paper dispenser – all concealed behind the mirror for a clean, minimalistic design.

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