New York and London: two iconic cities to see Stern’s touchless cubicles

New York City has more in common with London than any other city in the world. Its subway-riding population of nearly nine million people (about the same as London), drives one of the biggest service sector economies in the world. Arts, retail, hospitality, and culture in both places are pretty much unrivaled. And there is also another thing in common: this November you can visit Stern's booth at the local professional exhibitions and learn more about Stern’s novelties.

At BDNY and CSI, Stern will unveil the latest innovations to reshape the future of

commercial and hospitality toilets:

The only access system that seamlessly operates with both proximity sensors and manual operation as desired! Our touchless cubicle partitions are designed to optimize surface hygiene and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

With a quick and easy installation process, a simple and intuitive user interface, durable and reliable performance, and minimal maintenance requirements, it comes as no surprise that these products have quickly become one of the most popular choices for installation in commercial restrooms.

Traditional washroom cubicle partitions are a thing of the past! Optimize surface hygiene and minimize cross-contamination risk with Touchless Cubicle Partitions.

The winner of the Boutique Design New York 2022 Bath category ‘Best Product’ prize, Stern’s revolutionary mirror monitor is no less than a commercial washroom game-changer!

With its behind-the-mirror hand washing stations, SWAR TV technology delivers targeted advertising, information, and entertainment to users while they wash their hands.

So what is new? Today you can order Stern’s SWAR cabinets in customized sizes and you can select the internal elements that you prefer to have: touchless faucet, touchless soap dispenser, touchless hand dryer or paper dispenser.

A clean design with a couple of unique benefits. First, you can fill it with soap from the top. Simply remove the smart cap and pour in your soap. 

The other benefit is the Lotus LED indicator. It lets you know when there’s plenty of soap in the dispenser, when the dispenser is empty, and – best of all – when you’ve filled the dispenser to the brim. So no soap spills out.

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