New York and London: two iconic cities to see Stern’s touchless cubicles

New York City has more in common with London than any other city in the world. Its subway-riding population of nearly nine million people (about the same as London), drives one of the biggest service sector economies in the world. Arts, retail, hospitality, and culture in both places are pretty much unrivaled. And there is also another thing in common: this November you can visit Stern’s booth at the local professional exhibitions and learn more about Stern’s novelties.

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Touchless Solutions for Cruise Ships Elevating sanitary standards Introducing Stern's touchless solutions for cruise ships

Elevating sanitary standards: Introducing Stern’s touchless solutions for cruise ships

In the dynamic realm of interior design, we are committed to providing groundbreaking solutions tailored to the distinct demands of different sectors. We are delighted to introduce our most recent innovation: Touchless Sanitary Solutions specially crafted for commercial Cruise Ships. These products are meticulously designed to enhance the onboard experience for all, prioritizing hygiene, opulence, and practicality.

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