Water Saving in Social Media Commercial Office Application



Water Saving in Social Media Commercial Office Application

About the location

Discover how a small change in water-saving technology can lead to significant environmental and financial benefits. Our recent visit to a major social media company’s project in Dublin, Ireland, unveiled a strategic initiative to conserve water globally. In collaboration with the Facilities Coordinator, we assessed the current water usage situation, which prompted a transformative proposal. By replacing the existing 6 LPM aerators with 1.89 LPM PCA Spray fittings, we projected a remarkable 317% increase in water savings. The installation of these water-saving aerators not only demonstrates a commitment to sustainability but also showcases the tangible impact of eco-conscious decisions.

Products used in installation

We recently visited a project for one of the major social media companies based in Dublin, Ireland.
We were there to meet with the Facilities Coordinator to discuss water saving as a part of a global strategy for the company.
Stern taps & soap dispensers had been installed in the building at the start of their tenancy.
After an initial review of the premises, we quantified the existing situation which was as follows:

96 Stern Tubular wall mounted faucets Stainless Steel Finish 350100
96 Stern Tubular Soap dispensers SSF 350925

Savings per faucet were calculated as per below

Faucets are currently fitted with 6LPM SSR PCA Stream

We proposed to make the following change:
Supply 1.89 LPM PCA Spray fitting.

Current aerator 6 LPM
Proposed aerator 1.89 LPM
Saving 4.11 LPM
Potential water saving % 317%
Savings per minute if all faucets used 4.11 LPM x 96 = 394.56 Litres per minute

The water saving aerators were ordered & duly installed on site by the Facilities Coordinator.

Changing a faucet’s aerator can significantly impact both the amount of water used and the amount of money saved.
By reducing the flow of water while maintaining adequate pressure, aerators can help to conserve water and reduce the overall cost of water usage.

Water Saving in Social Media Commercial Office Application - Tubular faucet and soap dispenser

The benefits of reducing water usage in this way are not just financial, but ecological as well.
Conserving water helps reduce the strain on local water supplies.
It can also positively impact the environment by reducing the amount of energy needed to treat and transport water.
In addition to the environmental benefits, reducing water usage can positively impact a business’s bottom line.
By saving on water costs, businesses can reduce their operating expenses and improve their profitability.
Additionally, by taking steps to reduce their environmental impact, businesses can improve their reputation and attract environmentally conscious customers.
Overall, changing the aerator on a faucet is a simple and effective way to conserve water, save money, and reduce environmental impact.
Whether you’re a business owner looking to improve your bottom line or an individual looking to reduce your water usage, this small change can have a big impact.

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